The Top 20 Best Remote Jobs for New Moms and Dads

Also, I’m sure being a parent makes you much more responsible of a person. You can avoid becoming a workaholic by unplugging every week. best remote jobs for moms If you find yourself checking your phone too often, try participating in a Digital Detox Challenge to develop better online habits.

For example, if you’re skilled with Photoshop and Illustrator, you can apply to graphic design jobs. And if you’re a mom who feels like there are never enough hours in the day, you are very much not alone. Working from home limits your job opportunities, but there are still options for people with all sorts of skill sets. We want the best for our kids but we also want the best for ourselves. Being your best self means allowing yourself to be more than a mom.

Computer science jobs for moms

This is one of the stay at home mom jobs that could be done outside of the home, or at your own home. Virtual assistants help other businesses complete a variety of tasks from home. They can work for almost any business that might need help. If you are interested in writing about travel, you can also reach out to local businesses who have their own websites and see if they are looking for contributors. This free webinar goes into detail about all of the skills needed to build your business and find your clients.

Accounting clerks can often find remote roles that may be full-time or even freelance. Virtual assistants provide administrative support to an individual or team. Handling email and social media, maintaining calendars, scheduling meetings and travel, planning events, and researching may be some of your tasks. Virtual assistant jobs are done 100% from home and can be found on a part-time or full-time basis. If you are proficient in a second language, becoming a document translator is an option you should definitely consider.

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If you are looking for an office job that doesn’t require you to go into an office, becoming a virtual assistant could be a great fit. Tasks will vary depending on the company but can include things like scheduling appointments, data entry, organizing records, email management, social media management and editing. Contacting bloggers, online companies and websites directly can be a great way of finding job opportunities, in addition to advertising in and responding to job boards. If you’re a single mom seeking flexible and rewarding employment opportunities, consider becoming an English tutor. This role not only allows you to leverage your language skills but also provides the flexibility to work from home or set your own hours.

remote jobs for moms

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